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Funeral home in Denmark

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If you are a funeral director from another country and looking for one of the best funeral home in Denmark. Then you are at the right place.

We have one of the best services to the lowest prices if you chose a funeral home in Denmark. If you have a speciel case that have to be take care of then contact us. Contact us both on email and phone so it dosn’t go to our spam filter. We opurate all over the country, but we are closest to Copenhagen airport.

Dead in another country

If a death occurs abroad, it will be the local authorities who must complete the death certificate. For the most part, it is a local undertaker who arranges the official paperwork after the death. The local undertaker contacts either the Danish embassy or consulate.

We can take care of well, and that the repatriation of the deceased proceeds uncomplicatedly and safely.

We also make sure to inform the respective authorities about the death, and will together with the relatives organize a funeral or burial when the deceased returns home to Denmark.

Transport to Denmark

If the deceased wants a ceremony in Denmark, then it is important that the repatriation of the deceased takes place according to the Danish rules.

We ensure in collaboration with the local funeral director/undertaker that the repatriation of the dead takes place uncomplicated, gently and safely.

Arrival in Denmark

Upon arrival in Denmark, we arrange a funeral or burial with the family. As part of the funeral, we make sure to inform the respective authorities in Denmark about the death.

Getting a dead person home in a coffin can be expensive. Therefore, it is also possible to choose a cremation and then transport the urn to Denmark. We can also provide guidance on this.

Be aware that foreign coffins often can’t be used in Denmark for environmental reasons.

In the event of death please contact your insurance first, it includes returning the coffin or urn to the nearest airport. We can take care of the rest when the dead one comes from the airport.

Contact us and we would make a special price.

Contact us as soon as possible so we can prepare as best we can so we can take care of the details. There are always many different things to consider, and our funeral home in Denmark would like to help you. This can ensure that all the documents that need to be filled in, sent and approved to the authorities are arranged. Coordination with, among others, the priest, church, chapel and cemetery takes place. Our funeral directors are educated to take care of the practical things. We provide caring and factual advice to the relatives. We want you to feel that you are in safe hands and can leave everything practical to us.
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